My writing day

I am lucky. I am able to write daily with little distraction from the outside world. I love it. I have dreamed of being able to do exactly what I now do, for many years so this new chapter in my life has been a welcome one. I rise around 6.30am and take my little dog Charlie for his walk. We then eat breakfast and by 8am I am sitting at my desk ready for a few hours of non interrupted writing.

I keep notebooks, obviously. As a writer, who doesn’t? However, my notes are kept on my computer, in little folders for each project I am working on. I write my first draft of a novel without stopping. I do not edit, I do not overthink the words in front of me, and I do not worry about how terrible it sounds. First drafts can take anywhere between a week to a month, but this is for a different article. The real work begins from the second draft onward. The creative part of any writers job and the part I love the most.

I couldn’t get through my day without my morning latte, and weather permitting, a relaxing ten minutes in the garden before getting to work. It definitely helps to take breaks, yet I am terrible at not taking my own advise if I get too caught up in the world I am creating.

I finish writing around 1pm, spending the afternoon with my hubby and my dog. I love to cook, so I can usually be found in the kitchen after this time, cooking delicious meals and baking healthy treats. It all helps with my stress levels, being at an age where stress is no longer a healthy option.

How do you spend your writing day? Share below.

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