What’s on my desk

Since taking an early retirement to pursuit my writing dream, my writing space has transformed from busy office to creative tranquility. I believe it is important to surround yourself with inspiration. It helps the creative process, keeping your mind focused on writing, rather than any clutter you tend to produce.

I have two mac computers. Not because I’m greedy. That would be weird. However, I love spreading my writing notes out on my imac, whilst leaving my macbook air for website work, emails etc. I do not even turn on my laptop until I need to focus on social media and emails as it is all too easy to become distracted by continued messages and notifications. I don’t even like my phone on my desk so that is usually on charge elsewhere, while I am in the zone.

As a graphic designer for twenty years, I love to design book covers, even for the books I haven’t written yet. Considering I actually only began novel writing properly last year, I am still in the early stages. My debut novel is coming next year. However, by surrounding my eyes with motivation, helps my creativity and excitement for projects yet to even begin the planning stage.

I hope you like my space. What do you keep on your desk? I would love to know your must have’s for writing creativity.

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