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Connecting with your readers

As a writer, one of the most important things we can do is to connect with our potential readers. It tells our audience who we are and why we do what we do. However, the biggest question I get asked is, HOW do you connect with your readers? And, more importantly, how do we find…

Saving the Planet, one tree at a time

Working with SRL Publishing not only gives me confidence in my work, but in the planet itself. For every book sold on their website, SRL Publishing will plant a tree. They are involved in many environmental projects, and have won many eco awards so far. A small, up and coming publishing house, SRL are set…

What’s on my desk

Since taking an early retirement to pursuit my writing dream, my writing space has transformed from busy office to creative tranquility. I believe it is important to surround yourself with inspiration. It helps the creative process, keeping your mind focused on writing, rather than any clutter you tend to produce. I have two mac computers.…

My writing day

I am lucky. I am able to write daily with little distraction from the outside world. I love it. I have dreamed of being able to do exactly what I now do, for many years so this new chapter in my life has been a welcome one. I rise around 6.30am and take my little…

About Me

“Every sentence committed to paper is a small piece of you, an extension of your being that can live longer than you do”

Hi, I’m Nicky. My passion is for fiction writing. For as long as I remember, I have been fascinated by the human mind, our emotions and how we think, those nonsensical things we do and the struggles life too often throws our way.

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