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My publisher is offering a FREE double-sided velvent laminated bookmark with every order placed for my books directly on their website to promote the launch of my new ongoing Thriller series, The Flanigan Files, the first novel of which is coming out on September 5th 2023.

Just place your order as normal to recieve your FREE bookmark along with your novel of choice.

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Connecting with your readers

As a writer, one of the most important things we can do is to connect with our potential readers. It tells our audience who we are and why we do what we do. However, the biggest question I get asked is, HOW do you connect with your readers? And, more importantly, how do we find them?

First and foremost, we must create books that others actually want to read. There are so many writers in the world, how do we stand out? That question is answered in the dedication given over to our craft, the time we spend creating believable worlds that readers can relate to, appreciate and enjoy. This is a different article altogether. Once we have our carefully crafted novels, we then must put them into the right hands. This is where connecting with your reader is vital.

I have always believed we should sell ourselves, not our products. People buy PEOPLE, so promoting your books relentlessly will not necessarily bring forth lots of book sales. However, your potential readers honestly want to know why they should invest their time and money into your books, so the best way to connect with your readers is to show each and every one of them who you are. Not every book is for every reader, and this is a good thing. Some people love romance, others high fantasy. However, what connects each and every reader out there is the simple fact that once they get to LIKE you as an author, they will automatically love your work.

Luckily, social media is the perfect platform in which to showcase your winning writing personality, including your website (every author should have one). This is your online presence, how readers will see you when they click on your profile pages and social interaction. By embracing your personality through your chosen genre, your readers truly get to know you, so in turn, get to learn about your books.

• Always ensure you respond to comments and feedback. How else will your readers get to know you?

• Be polite. No one likes a moany writer…unless, of course, you’re a moany poet.

• Reach out with valuable content. The whole purpose of an online presence is to give something of value.

• If a reader asks a question, reply.

• Don’t feel you can’t support others. We are all here for the same experience. To read stunning works by gifted writers.

And good luck. Your writing journey is amazing. Keep going.

What’s on my desk

Since taking an early retirement to pursuit my writing dream, my writing space has transformed from busy office to creative tranquility. I believe it is important to surround yourself with inspiration. It helps the creative process, keeping your mind focused on writing, rather than any clutter you tend to produce.

I have two mac computers. Not because I’m greedy. That would be weird. However, I love spreading my writing notes out on my imac, whilst leaving my macbook air for website work, emails etc. I do not even turn on my laptop until I need to focus on social media and emails as it is all too easy to become distracted by continued messages and notifications. I don’t even like my phone on my desk so that is usually on charge elsewhere, while I am in the zone.

As a graphic designer for twenty years, I love to design book covers, even for the books I haven’t written yet. Considering I actually only began novel writing properly last year, I am still in the early stages. My debut novel is coming next year. However, by surrounding my eyes with motivation, helps my creativity and excitement for projects yet to even begin the planning stage.

I hope you like my space. What do you keep on your desk? I would love to know your must have’s for writing creativity.

My writing day

I am lucky. I am able to write daily with little distraction from the outside world. I love it. I have dreamed of being able to do exactly what I now do, for many years so this new chapter in my life has been a welcome one. I rise around 6.30am and take my little dog Charlie for his walk. We then eat breakfast and by 8am I am sitting at my desk ready for a few hours of non interrupted writing.

I keep notebooks, obviously. As a writer, who doesn’t? However, my notes are kept on my computer, in little folders for each project I am working on. I write my first draft of a novel without stopping. I do not edit, I do not overthink the words in front of me, and I do not worry about how terrible it sounds. First drafts can take anywhere between a week to a month, but this is for a different article. The real work begins from the second draft onward. The creative part of any writers job and the part I love the most.

I couldn’t get through my day without my morning latte, and weather permitting, a relaxing ten minutes in the garden before getting to work. It definitely helps to take breaks, yet I am terrible at not taking my own advise if I get too caught up in the world I am creating.

I finish writing around 1pm, spending the afternoon with my hubby and my dog. I love to cook, so I can usually be found in the kitchen after this time, cooking delicious meals and baking healthy treats. It all helps with my stress levels, being at an age where stress is no longer a healthy option.

How do you spend your writing day? Share below.