Beyond The Veil

The Flanigan Files. Book 1

Hardback and Ebook RELEASE DATE – 5th September 2023

Paperback RELEASE DATE – 28th November 2023


When a young man walks into a local police station, confessing to a murder, nobody could possibly assume the body in question will be well over two hundred years old. The man in custody is only twenty-six years old, yet claims to be the one who murdered and buried the body in a fit of rage, two centuries earlier. In a dark and twisted plot, Newton Flanigan, clinical psychologist and forensic expert, becomes entwined in the secret world of wrongly diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, David Mallory, taking him and the police along a disturbing path that unravels a series of tragic murders, all spanning the course of a two hundred year period.

Mallory hears voices, spends most of his time suspicious of others around him, often having severe difficulty connecting to the outside world, unable to determine what is real from what is not. Newton unpeels darker reasons behind Mallory’s mental health problems.

During a detailed evaluation of David Mallory, Newton realises that Mallory is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, once known as a split personality. Mallory has been able to hide behind the façade of four sinister personalities for years, all gay men, all living with dark secrets of murder and betrayal, both past and present, beginning a sinister journey that will place Newton in direct danger from the very man he was called in to evaluate. Mallory’s personalities are, in fact, real men who once lived real lives, forcing Newton to follow a trail of cold cases that have been left unsolved for too long. How does Mallory know such intimate details of actual murder cases long forgotten? And, when the police uncover a seemingly unrelated body in the ruins of an old factory, how can Newton possibly know he is about to become Mallory’s next victim?

Told from both Flanigan’s and Mallory’s point of view, Beyond the Veil reveals details of four separate personalities living inside David Mallory, uncovering the mind of a dark, deranged serial killer that has seemingly existed throughout history.

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